Engendering Budgets

A Practitioners' Guide to Understanding and Implementing Genderresponsive Budgets

image of Engendering Budgets

The gender responsive budget programme is now a wellestablished initiative from the Commonwealth Secretariat, attracting considerable interest among governments, civil society and development agencies keen to participate in the programme. Work on gender responsive budget initiatives has already taken place in over twenty Commonwealth countries. This sourcE1 will be of particular use to practitioners, researchers, government officials and NGOs.




Heads of Government in Harare in 1991 declared gender equality to be a fundamental principle of the Commonwealth, and this was reaffirmed in the 1995 Commonwealth Plan of Action on Gender and Development and its Update. The Commonwealth is also committed to economic development and poverty reduction. Gender-responsive budgets (GRBs) can help governments uphold their commitments in all these areas and assist them in monitoring the implementation and gender impacts of policies and programmes. In addition, GRBs improve governance through increasing accountability, participation and transparency.


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