Commonwealth Manual on Human Rights Training for Police

image of Commonwealth Manual on Human Rights Training for Police
This training resource has been developed by the Commonwealth Secretariat to promote a human rights-based approach to policing. It has been designed for use by police and law-enforcement trainers in Commonwealth countries in designing, developing, conducting and evaluating police training programmes at all levels. It will assist trainers to build human rights standards and considerations into regular police training.

The manual includes chapters on policing and human rights in the context of counter-terrorism and dealing with the human rights responsibilities of prisons and penitentiary officers. Edited versions of the core applicable human rights institutions and UN codes of conduct have been included for ease of reference.



Maintenance of public order

The phenomenon of people taking to the streets to express their feelings and opinions publicly is common enough in most countries of the world. Such events, rallies, protests, assemblies or demonstrations, or whatever they may be called, may occur spontaneously (as a result of a significant event) or after planning and publicity by certain citizens or groups. Such events - conducted peacefully and within the law - may be understood as logical, essential consequences of liberty and democracy, as well as of individual and collective freedom.


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