Commonwealth Developments in Health Law

Issue 1: July 1981

image of Commonwealth Developments in Health Law




13–18 September 1981—The International Congress on Drugs and Alcohol, to be held at Jerusalem, Israel. Topics on the agenda include (a) the drug user: individual and systematic issues; (b) drugs, medicines and socially accepted substances; (c) chemical coping and chemical ecstasy: challenge to religion, ethics and society; (d) drug use/misuse: theories, facts and unresolved issues; (e) drug use/misuse intervention: treatment, prevention and education; (f) chemical coping: individual, social, economic and political issues; (g) drug use/misuse research: methodologies, models and strategies; (h) ideological considerations; (i) social pharmacology; (j) the internal and external environment of drug use/misuse; (k) substance use; (1) leisure and chemical coping; (m) chemical control and human and societal functioning; (n) cultural aspects of chemical coping, literature, art, mass media.


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