Advancing the Human Rights of Women

Using International Human Rights Standards in Domestic Litigation

image of Advancing the Human Rights of Women

This publication contains papers presented by judges, academics, lawyers and representatives of international and non-governmental organisations at the Asia/South Pacific regional judicial colloquium for senior judges on the domestic application of international human rights norms relevant to the human rights of women. It provides an overview of the applicable international standards, examines the challenges involved in promoting the human rights of women and girls in domestic litigation, and explores the ways in which international human rights norms can be relied on in domestic litigation to achieve that goal.



Nationality and Women's Human Rights: the Asia/Pacific Experience

Migration of women across borders has been familiar to the Asia Pacific region for centuries. The phenomenon has acquired new dimensions in the last few decades because of the problems of refugees, displaced women needing international protection and migration of large numbers of women workers from the region for employment within and outside the region. Residence, employment and acquisition of citizenship within the host country raise difficult cross-border issues with political implications.


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