Marine Renewable Energy

image of Marine Renewable Energy

This fourth volume in the series explores the potential for the development of the blue economy by providing a high-level review of actions needed to progress marine renewable energy generation in SIDS. Renewable energy is a key component of enabling sustainable development through the decarbonisation of economies and is being progressed in nations globally. Whereas onshore technologies (e.g. solar and wind) are achieving commercial success, most marine technologies remain in the early phases of development.

Successful MRE deployment is dependent on critical factors such as available energy resource, indigenous skills (including institutional capacity and skilled labour), supportive policy and effective regulatory frameworks. The recommendations made in this book provide a guide for action, emphasising the need for integration at national level, between sectors and policies, and for co-ordination between targeted local studies and collaborative global action.




The marine environment provides valuable economic, social and cultural resources, which can contribute to the sustainable economic development of small island developing states (SIDS) and larger coastal states. Traditionally exploited marine resources include living resources, such as numerous species of fish and shellfish, and non-living resources, such as marine aggregates and petroleum, as well as supporting global transport and telecommunication networks. The marine environment also provides human communities with a broad range of essential services that support economic well-being and human health. Furthermore, new opportunities have emerged that are gradually being realised, including marine renewable energy (MRE) and mariculture; currently, there is interest in marine genetic resources with potential pharmaceutical and industrial benefits.


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