Labour Markets in Small Developing States

image of Labour Markets in Small Developing States
Recent studies of the economic growth and development process have emphasised the critical role of human development. For small developing countries the existence of limited natural resources means that emphasis must be placed on human resources development (HRD) in national development strategy formulation. Through education and training (and health and nutrition), HRD can overcome imbalances in the labour market.

This book explores the approaches to this challenge adopted by governments of smaller states across the world and considers the effectiveness of the particular strategies adopted. It also explores the role of labour migration, particularly the emigration of skilled labour, in this process.

The book will be of value to national economic planners, labour market economists, and all those who seek to ensure the successful development of the economies of the world’s smaller states.



Migration and Commonwealth Small States: The Case of Teachers and Nurses

For some years now there has been a new wave in migration taking place called the ‘global search for talent’ (Kapur, Devesh and McHale, 2005). It is characterised by large movements from the countries of the south to the north, among the highly skilled groups in particular; and the relaxation or modification of immigrations laws and policies to facilitate the movement of the highly skilled which has been identified among Commonwealth industrialised countries – Canada and the United Kingdom in particular – but are also noted with Australia and New Zealand, for example. There have been many calls for Caribbean leaders in public, academic and non-governmental sectors to become aware of the lack of retention and the loss of human capital to the region, through this renewed wave of recruitment and migration, recognising that governments can use human capital as important leverage in labour market negotiations on the trade in skills.


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