Competing With the Best

Good Human Resource Practices in Caribbean Tourism

image of Competing With the Best
This handbook is one of the outputs from a programme of technical assistance provided by the Special Advisory Services Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat to the Caribbean Tourism Organisation, to assist the Caribbean region to improve the quality of its tourism product.

The handbook provides helpful tips and resources on how to find, train, manage and retain good employees. It profiles valuable approaches that can be adopted or adapted in other Caribbean tourism businesses and organisations, many of which will also be relevant in other parts of the Commonwealth.

Published in association with the Caribbean Tourism Association.



Recruitment, Screening and Hiring

Attracting, interviewing and hiring the right person for a job are essential for good customer service. Until recently, recruitment and selection of those working in the tourism/hospitality sector in many parts of the world was somewhat haphazard. However, recruitment, selection and hiring have become more formalized lately, guided by requests for curricula vitae, in-depth interviews, basic aptitude tests, background checks, references and properly developed job descriptions that clearly identify the responsibilities of positions.


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