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The Commonwealth Blue Economy Series aims to support the development of the blue economy in Commonwealth member countries by providing a high-level assessment of the opportunities available for economic diversification and sustainable growth in small island developing states (SIDS).

This second volume in the series explores the potential for the development of a blue economy mariculture industry, as well as specific enabling conditions that could assist in moving towards economic reality where opportunities exist.



Conclusions and Recommendations

The development of an aquaculture industry is fully in line with a SIDS’ desire to base its development on a blue economy model. In fact, there are already accepted frameworks within which this development can take place, such as the EAA, whose guiding principles are parallel with the principles of the blue economy. The model that any one particular SIDS chooses for the development of an aquaculture industry will be dependent on a number of factors that are intrinsic to that SIDS, such as the environment, available infrastructure and local markets. For the industry to fully develop, it is crucial that there is local capacity in terms of infrastructure and a knowledge base. This needs to be coupled with the right regulatory conditions to allow investment to flow into the industry and to allow the industry to grow in a sustainable manner, with a good level of ‘buy-in’ from stakeholders and consumers at all levels. However, in all cases it is crucial that the development of the aquaculture industry takes place in the context of other marine sector development, and within a dedicated aquaculture policy framework.


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