Youth for development

an African Perspective

image of Youth for development

This publication is a report of a workshop on National Youth Programmes and National Youth Services held in Accra, Ghana in March 1975. The workshop examined national youth programmes and national service schemes and determined future developments and priorities in this field. The workshop was attended by Directors of National Youth Programmes and National Youth Services from ten African countries, as well as by representatives from India, Jamaica and Malaysia whose participation provided an inter-regional exchange of experience. The ILO was represented in the capacity of observer. Lead papers, which are reproduced in Chapter 2, were presented by four African scholars in order to provide a background, in the context of national development, for the Programmes discussed. Country papers were presented by each of the participating delegations and are reproduced in Appendix I. Recommendations for Commonwealth action are also included.



Group Report – National Youth Programmes

It was unanimously agreed that in developing countries National Youth Programmes should, in each case, constitute an integral part of the overall programme for national development. Further, it was similarly agreed that particularly in the African region of the Commonwealth a National Youth Programme could, with advantage, be used as a powerful agency for the implementation of development strategies for a wide range of specific objectives. It was, therefore, suggested that in these countries National Youth Programmes should be designed to relate to the totality of the national condition and character.


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