Working Towards Results

Managing Individual Performance in the Public Service

image of Working Towards Results

Developing a strong performance management system is a major task, but it promises significant rewards. This publication is intended to assist the reader in developing a performance management system for the public service which is appropriate for the local context. Objectivesetting, clarifying goals and, above all, feedback on performance are outstanding concerns and these are the priorities which this book addresses.



Organisational Performance - Culture Change and Planning

Development of a performance culture with an emphasis on employee empowerment, commitment and the achievement of results rather than subordination and control involves organisations in major change and requires shifts in management and employee thinking. In public services in the last decade many have moved from concentration on inputs (how much budget?, what staff establishment controls?) to outputs (what results have been achieved?, to what level of quality?) Central agencies and corporate offices, in many settings, have moved from being regulators to providers of enabling policies, models and tools to assist public service organisations to achieve their public purpose.


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