Women and Men in Partnership for Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Report of the Sierra Leone National Consultation, Freetown, Sierra Leone, 21–24 May 2001

image of Women and Men in Partnership for Post-Conflict Reconstruction
Following a decade of armed conflict that led to the virtual collapse of the country’s social, economic, legal and political fabric, the Sierra Leone National Consultation on Women and Men in Partnership for Post-Conflict Reconstruction, held in Freetown in May 2001, brought together 250 people from governmental and non-governmental organisations to discuss ways in which the war has impacted differently on women, children and men and how best to ensure gender equality in all reconstruction efforts. The papers in this report examine the following issues from a gender perspective:

political and public decision-making

security and peace-building

legal reform

violence and other crimes against women and children

poverty, economic recovery and empowerment

health, HIV/AIDS and STIs

settlement of displaced persons and rehabilitation of ex-combatants

the role of young people in post-conflict reconstruction.



Gender Issues in Health, HIV/AIDS and STIs

Health is increasingly being seen as one of the cornerstones and prerequisites of economic growth and development. As the saying goes 'Health may not be everything, but without health there is nothing'. The health status of the population has a prominent place in the cycle of poverty and degradation that characterises Sierra Leone a decade after the war began. This cycle can only be broken if people can achieve and maintain a satisfactory level of health that will permit them to lead economically productive lives.


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