Trusted Services and Public Key Infrastructure

image of Trusted Services and Public Key Infrastructure

This book expounds the role of trusted services and public key infrastructures in enabling the electronic delivery of government services to the public. It is the result of the work of the ICA Study Group on Trusted Services and PKI convened in 1999. It discusses: Ecommerce, the building blocks – trusted business environment for Ecommerce, certification, certification practice and policy, registration, certification usage and certification revocation; policies and strategies for trusted services and PKI; scale and scope of implemented or planned PKIs in the Commonwealth and worldwide; legal framework for use of electronic signatures and electronic certificates; key policy and business drivers for introduction of PKI; key technical issues and standards; barriers to introduction of PKI in government; case studies and the lessons of experience.



Trusted Services and PKI Technology Commonalities in Approaches and Government Initiatives

This publication has put together key aspects of best practice in trusted services and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) knowledge and experience on the developments of PKI in government and through this report will disseminate key messages more widely. It has been a timely study, addressing issues on a topic which is at the very heart of governments' plans in the achievement of electronic commerce and electronic government.


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