The Hague Convention on International Access to Justice

image of The Hague Convention on International Access to Justice
This is the seventh in a series of “accession kits” being prepared by the Commonwealth Secretariat primarily to assist Commonwealth countries in considering whether to accede to selected international conventions, especially in the field of private international law.

This paper is a review of the most recent Hague Convention in civil procedure. It contains the full English text of the Convention and recommendations and advice as to accession procedures.



Legal Aid and Advice

Introduction. It is important to appreciate that nothing in the Convention requires any country to introduce new forms of free legal aid or advice, or to alter the principles upon which financial contribution may be made to the cost of litigation or of legal advice. One country may have a highly developed system of free legal aid covering every type of court proceedings; another may be able to offer only a limited contribution to the cost of litigation in a narrowly-defined range of cases; each could become party to the Convention without altering its policies.


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