The General Election in Lesotho, 27 March 1993

image of The General Election in Lesotho, 27 March 1993

These Election Reports are the observations, conclusions and recommendations of Commonwealth Observer Groups. The SecretaryGeneral constitutes these observer missions at the request of governments and with the agreement of all significant political parties. At the end of a mission, a report is submitted to the SecretaryGeneral, who makes it available to the government of the country in question, the political parties concerned and to all Commonwealth governments. The report eventually becomes a public document.



The Poll and the Count

Any initial concern we had that the people of Lesotho appeared uninterested in the election was dispelled on polling day when hundreds, and in some places thousands, queued up at their polling stations long before the official opening time of 7 a.m. We saw old women wrapped up in blankets huddled together at the head of queues. Some said they had been there as early as 1 a.m., others at 4 a.m.


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