The Contract System of Employment for Senior Government Officials

Experiences from the Pacific

image of The Contract System of Employment for Senior Government Officials

This publication reviews the effects of the reforms implemented under the ‘new public management’ programme on the roles and conditions of service of permanent secretaries in the Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu. These countries introduced the contract system of employment, and their experiences highlight the importance of acknowledging context in considering the implications of the contract system, and the challenges of implementation.



The Contract System of Employment in Selected Pacific Nations

The guideline objectives of the assignment contained in the ToR were followed closely in the interviews and group consultations (see Appendix B, C, D and E). The researchers sought to re-focus some objectives, however, and added these to the original objectives to ensure a more holistic evaluation of why initiatives, begun with good intentions, had not produced the expected outcomes.


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