Swaziland National Elections, 20 September 2013

image of Swaziland National Elections, 20 September 2013

The report of the Commonwealth Observer Mission for the Swaziland National Elections, held 20 September 2013. The Mission was led by Dr Bakili Muluzi, former President of the Republic of Malawi, and was comprised of 5 eminent persons.

The Commonwealth Observer Mission found that the elections were generally well organised, but fell short of meeting Swaziland’s key international obligations for democratic elections. The Report makes a number of recommendations for the government, Elections and Boundaries Commission and other stakeholders to consider with a view to improving future electoral processes.




The Commonwealth Secretary-General’s decision to deploy a Commonwealth Observer Mission (COM) to the 2013 national elections in the Kingdom of Swaziland was based on invitations by the Government and the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) of the Kingdom of Swaziland (see exchange of correspondence at Annex I).


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