Sri Lanka's Northern Provincial Council Elections, 21 September 2013

image of Sri Lanka's Northern Provincial Council Elections, 21 September 2013

The report of the Commonwealth Observer Mission for Sri Lanka’s Northern Provincial Council Elections, held 21 September 2013. The Mission was led by Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, Former Vice President of Kenya, and was comprised of 4 eminent persons.

The Commonwealth Observer Mission found the conduct of election day itself to be impressive. The Mission expressed concerns about the pre-electoral environment and called for the establishment of an independent electoral commission.



Conclusions and Recommendations

The 21 September 2013 elections were landmark elections, the first Northern Provincial Council elections held since the end of the civil conflict in May 2009, and since the Provincial Council system was established. We are conscious that the Northern Province is emerging from nearly three decades of civil conflict which claimed many thousands of lives and resulted in widespread damage to infrastructure, livelihoods and displacement of the population.


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