Rwanda Presidential Elections, 9 August 2010

image of Rwanda Presidential Elections, 9 August 2010

The Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group for the Rwanda Presidential elections. The Group was led by H E Dr Salim Ahmed Salim, former SecretaryGeneral of the Organisation of African Unity and also a former Prime Minister Tanzania, and comprised thirteen eminent persons in total.



Political Background

The area presently occupied by Rwanda has been inhabited since the 1300s. By the 17th century a kingdom was established inhabited by Hutus, Tutsis and Twa. Rwanda first became a German protectorate in 1884, and under the name Ruanda-Urundi, became part of German East Africa in 1890. After the First World War, it came under Belgian administration under a League of Nations mandate, and after World War II Ruanda-Urundi became a UN trust territory with Belgium as the administrative authority.


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