Rethinking Policy Analysis and Management

Enhancing Policy Development and Management in the Public Service

image of Rethinking Policy Analysis and Management

Many governments are indecisive about the role of the state in this era of rapid change, and a new policy development and management paradigm is emerging – a transition from administration to management is under way. This book offers a practical framework within which policy can be conceptualised, formulated, implemented and evaluated.



Rationale for Developing a Policy Analysis Framework

The way policy intervention strategy is formulated and implemented is a reflection of the nature of the state, its class nature and composition, its main interests, points of strength and weaknesses. While there are certain political and economic limitations to the state's role of formulating an appropriate policy, there are equally some policy areas in which it has strength to develop and implement a strategic policy based on its capacity. By far the strongest policy instrument the postcolonial state has is its human and natural resources.


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