Rethinking Policy Analysis and Management

Enhancing Policy Development and Management in the Public Service

image of Rethinking Policy Analysis and Management

Many governments are indecisive about the role of the state in this era of rapid change, and a new policy development and management paradigm is emerging – a transition from administration to management is under way. This book offers a practical framework within which policy can be conceptualised, formulated, implemented and evaluated.



Limitations and Constraints to Policy Formulation, Co-Ordination and Collaboration

The relationship between the political economy of the post-colonial state as outlined above on the one hand, and the capacity for policy initiative, co-ordination and collaboration on the other, becomes quite obvious. To begin with, there is the problem of the limited parameters of policy initiative that is inherent in the nature of a dependent state which has its reference the promptings and pervasive influence of metropolitan powers and the various international financial institutions, particularly in this era of intensified globalisation. This is quite apart from the problem of insufficient knowledge and skills for the policy formulation exercise.


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