Public Sector Reform in Developing Countries

A Handbook of Commonwealth Experiences

image of Public Sector Reform in Developing Countries

A countrybycountry synopsis of public sector reform in thirtysix Commonwealth developing countries. The book presents a brief profile of each country and the background to recent political and economic changes, followed by an outline of the key reform initiatives, the implementation processes, the achievements and the problems encountered. Wherever possible each section concludes with a sketch of proposed initiatives and future programmes. This accessible publication focuses on the experiences, successes and achievements of developing Commonwealth countries, and aims to facilitate the sharing of experience and good practice. The book is a seminal departure from the existing literature in the area of public sector reform, which largely concentrates on the individual experience of the developed countries.




In early 2002, the Governance and Institutional Development Division (GIDD) of the Commonwealth Secretariat was formed by the merger of Management and Training Services Division (MTSD) and General Technical Assistance Services Division (GTASD), and operates as part of the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation (CFTC). Its purpose is to strengthen good governance in member countries through providing advice, training and expertise to build capacity in institutions throughout the Commonwealth. It has in-house specialist expertise in governance, including public sector reform and restructuring, public-private sector partnerships, and public sector informatics, but is also able to provide assistance across a wide range of development issues to meet the particular needs of individual member countries.


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