Promoting Good Governance

Principles, Practices and Perspectives

image of Promoting Good Governance

The concept of good governance is interlinked with institutionalised values such as democracy, observance of human rights, accountability, transparency and greater efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector. This publication focuses on key elements of good governance. It discusses the role of public management in promoting productivity and improving performance in the pursuit of efficiency, effectiveness, economic growth, sustainable development and social justice. The book looks at the public/private sector interface in the context of developing a meaningful and effective partnership in economic development.



Teaching, training and management development for public services

Across the Commonwealth in states big and small, developed and developing, one clearly articulated challenge for public management relates to the development and retention of management staff. There is now great interest in many Commonwealth countries in the development of the Senior Public Service or Senior Executive. In recent times, there have been strategic reviews of the Civil Service College in the United Kingdom, the Canadian Centre for Management Development in Canada, the creation of a public service Learning Resource Centre in Trinidad and Tobago, and attempts to refocus the training of public service managers in Barbados. These and other initiatives underscore the urgency with which many public services are now treating the issue of management development.


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