Promoting Good Governance

Principles, Practices and Perspectives

image of Promoting Good Governance

The concept of good governance is interlinked with institutionalised values such as democracy, observance of human rights, accountability, transparency and greater efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector. This publication focuses on key elements of good governance. It discusses the role of public management in promoting productivity and improving performance in the pursuit of efficiency, effectiveness, economic growth, sustainable development and social justice. The book looks at the public/private sector interface in the context of developing a meaningful and effective partnership in economic development.



Public and private sector values in partnership strengthening

The debate on the role of values both within the public and private sectors and between the public and the individual person, has always aimed at examining the possible ways of improving the delivery of service to the people. It has, therefore, been used as an instrument either for change or for continuity of dealing with issues and concerns. The conflicts between the two sets of values, depending on how they are used in the management process, can either have a negative or positive impact on the delivery of service. This can occur in situations that can generate or stagnate change. However, the symbiosis of the two sets of values might produce co-operation and collaboration, which are necessary in managing the development process and forging partnership.


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