Papua New Guinea National Elections, June–July 2012

image of Papua New Guinea National Elections, June–July 2012
The Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group for the Papua New Guinea National Elections, held June–July 2012. The Group was led by Mr Nipake Edward Natapei, former Prime Minister for Vanuatu, and comprised 8 eminent persons in total.

The Group offered a number of recommendations for further strengthening the electoral process in Papua New Guinea. These include measures to improve the electoral roll and election management, further development of voter education, stronger enforcement of electoral laws, and continued efforts toward achieving a more level playing field for women’s political participation.



Voting, Counting and Tabulation

In brief, the standard procedures set out for opening and voting were as follows. Polling hours are from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. If polling is for one day only or on the first day of polling, the empty ballot box should be shown to scrutineers and any voters just after declaring the polling station open and delivering an opening speech. On subsequent days with partially used boxes the unbroken seals should be shown and the numbers read out. Any persons waiting to vote within a polling station by 6.00 pm shall be allowed to do so.


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