Nigeria National Assembly and Presidential Elections, 9 and 16 April 2011

image of Nigeria National Assembly and Presidential Elections, 9 and 16 April 2011

The book is mainly intended for four groups of people: national government policymakers; districtlevel government officers; leaders in churches and other nongovernment organisations who wish to establish or expand schools with government support; and community leaders with similar objectives at the local level.




Nigeria celebrated its fiftieth anniversary of independence on 1 October 2010. Looking back, the country’s first 50 years of independence have been tainted by military coups, a civil war and troubled elections, which have dashed the aspirations of its people to consolidate democracy in Nigeria. Yet, the people of Nigeria have demonstrated a growing resolve to establish a durable democracy. This has been reflected in the enthusiastic participation of voters in recent elections. The April 2011 elections presented yet another source of hope for the people of Nigeria that this time a credible process would finally set the country firmly on track to deepen its democracy, enhance its socio-economic development and write a new chapter in its chequered political history.


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