Managing Change in Local Governance

image of Managing Change in Local Governance

Decentralisation has become an integral part of local government reform programmes in recent years. But how to put these changes into effect? This book explores the reasons for making these changes, and applies recent thinking in change management to the particular challenges facing all those who are seeking to make their local governance systems more responsive. Written by internationally renowned experts from the International Development Department at the University of Birmingham, UK, and advisers at the Commonwealth Secretariat, Managing Change in Local Governance looks at the key drivers for change in local government, and at the factors which those implementing change need to take into account to ensure success. For senior managers in local government, policy makers in ministries of local government, and students and researchers in public administration with an interest in local government issues.



The Factors Driving Government Reform

The focus of this chapter is the process of restructuring within central government ministries. It explores the contextual factors underlying these changes - specifically the broad pressures driving organisational reform in government in general, of which ministries form only a part. The underlying assumption is that, for good or ill, many features of the restructuring process in central government ministries (whether the Ministry of Health or any other ministry) can be only fully understood by reference to this more generalised or ‘blanket’ reform process which is not tailor-made to any specific ministry.


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