Judicial Resource Book on Violence Against Women for Asia

Combating Violence against Women and Girls for Cambodia, India, Pakistan and Thailand

image of Judicial Resource Book on Violence Against Women for Asia

The Judicial Resource Book on Violence Against Women for Asia deepens our understanding of the varying forms of VAWG and raises awareness of the important role that the judiciary can play in tackling them. It is designed to be used by judicial officers and other professionals as a practical contribution towards promoting justice and fairness in the judicial process for women who have been victims of violence.

Produced in partnership with the UN Women Regional Office for Asia- Pacific, this volume brings together information on key judgments of apex courts in Cambodia, India, Pakistan and Thailand to advance protections for women against violence, through application of constitutional guarantees and international human rights law. Judgments are analysed in the context of relevant legislative frameworks, and guidance offered on best practices on overcoming gender bias when dispensing justice.



Domestic Violence

This chapter focuses on the issue of domestic violence in the target countries, i.e. its symptoms, causes and legal and other responses by state organs to address domestic violence. The aim is to sensitise and enable judges and other stakeholders to make informed and human rights compliant decisions when dealing with cases of domestic violence.


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