Introducing New Approaches

Improved Public Service Delivery

image of Introducing New Approaches

Economic realities have led many governments to review the programmes they deliver and the way they deliver them, and to ask if there are other methods of service delivery that are more responsive to clients' needs, and more cost effective. This work shows that any new approach must take into account a whole variety of factors. It sets out various practices for better service provision which have emerged across the Commonwealth, emphasising the choice available.



The Context for Change

Since the mid-1970s, governments have been increasingly concerned with adapting and developing the structures and values for the public service in order to achieve greater efficiency, and more responsive and flexible services. The origins of this movement lay in a combination of economic crisis and geo-political changes which led to reduced financial resources for governments. More recently though, it has also been pulled by a sense of new possibilities: the development of a new set of managerial strategies which promise better results from fewer resources.


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