Introducing New Approaches

Improved Public Service Delivery

image of Introducing New Approaches

Economic realities have led many governments to review the programmes they deliver and the way they deliver them, and to ask if there are other methods of service delivery that are more responsive to clients' needs, and more cost effective. This work shows that any new approach must take into account a whole variety of factors. It sets out various practices for better service provision which have emerged across the Commonwealth, emphasising the choice available.



Citizen Orientation

As a result of recent changes within the public service, there is a desire in many countries to orient public services, like those produced in the private sector, towards the needs of service-users. This change in emphasis has been due in part to a conscious reshaping of the work culture to achieve a customer or client orientation. Courtesy campaigns, customer-care training, and comprehensive complaints procedures ensure that service-users are seen as active, freely-choosing customers rather than passive recipients of monopolistically-provided state services.


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