Innovations in Public Expenditure Management

Country Cases from the Commonwealth

image of Innovations in Public Expenditure Management
A key feature of a professional and credible public service is transparent and accountable financial management. In a rapidly changing and often challenging public sector environment, public servants are seeking new and creative approaches to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their work.

This collection of case studies, broadly drawn from Commonwealth developed and developing countries, examines innovations in public financial management and provides practical information on best practices and recommendations for new initiatives. It will be valuable for public sector leaders and policy-makers as they work to improve their public financial management systems.



Editor's introduction

The world of public expenditure management is a wide one. The topic covers a series of elements of how governments, their citizens and many other related institutions manage their resources, achieve public goods and results, and account for their stewardship and delegated responsibilities. When one embarks on the task of finding points of innovation within public expenditure management, this breadth becomes immediately clear.


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