Innovations in Public Expenditure Management

Country Cases from the Commonwealth

image of Innovations in Public Expenditure Management
A key feature of a professional and credible public service is transparent and accountable financial management. In a rapidly changing and often challenging public sector environment, public servants are seeking new and creative approaches to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their work.

This collection of case studies, broadly drawn from Commonwealth developed and developing countries, examines innovations in public financial management and provides practical information on best practices and recommendations for new initiatives. It will be valuable for public sector leaders and policy-makers as they work to improve their public financial management systems.



Defence Procurement Reform in Australia

Defence procurement has been a persistent subject of concern for governments across Western nations for several decades. The large dollar value of acquisition contracts, the positive employment return from major contracts, the advanced technology inherent in weapons systems to the national economy, the spin-off of political pressure on politicians in constituencies with a high concentration of defence employment, and the power of defence industry advocates combines to pressure national governments to generate employment through defence procurement spending.


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