Guyana General and Regional Elections, 19 March 2001

image of Guyana General and Regional Elections, 19 March 2001

These Election Reports are the observations, conclusions and recommendations of Commonwealth Observer Groups. The SecretaryGeneral constitutes these observer missions at the request of governments and with the agreement of all significant political parties. At the end of a mission, a report is submitted to the SecretaryGeneral, who makes it available to the government of the country in question, the political parties concerned and to all Commonwealth governments. The report eventually becomes a public document.




Following receipt of a request from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guyana, the Hon Clement Rohee, on 10 October 2000 inviting the Commonwealth Secretary-General to constitute a Commonwealth Observer Group for the 2001 General and Regional Elections, the Secretary-General decided – in line with established practice – to send an Assessment Mission to Guyana, comprising three Commonwealth Secretariat officials. The mandate of the Mission, which was in Guyana from Thursday, 16 to Thursday, 23 November 2000, was to establish whether there was broad support for the presence of Commonwealth Observers, prior to, during and immediately after the elections, in particular from the main political parties. On the basis of meetings with political parties and civil society groupings the Assessment Mission concluded that there was broad support for the presence of a Commonwealth Observer Group for Guyana's elections.


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