Government in Transition

image of Government in Transition

The Inaugural Conference of the Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management.



Achieving improvements/sustaining progress in political transitions

The presentations from the Right Honourable Mr Hage Geingob and from Mr Richard Mottram approached the concept of political transitions from very different perspectives. The former described policies that were underpinned by a spirit of national reconciliation and which marked a determination to move away from the suspicions and mistrust, between communities and between citizens and government, engendered by the previous regime in Namibia. The latter explained how a consistent series of outcome-oriented reforms of the civil service, each building on its antecedents, had produced some radical moves towards a more responsive public service and had prepared the ground for further moves towards an organisationally diverse public service, structured to co-ordinate policy and to deliver services on the basis of efficiency rather than tradition.


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