Ghana Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, 7 December 2012

image of Ghana Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, 7 December 2012
The Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group for the Ghana Presidential and Parliamentary elections, held 7 December 2012. The Group was led by HE Dr Pakalitha Mosisili, MP, former Prime Minister of Lesotho, and comprised thirteen eminent persons in total.

The Group found that the elections were credible and highlighted the role of the Electoral Commission. It offered a series of recommendations to help improve some technical aspects of the process and also the environment in which elections occur.



Political and Historical Background

On March 6, 1957 the Gold Coast was proclaimed a sovereign independent nation – the first in sub-Saharan Africa. The nation chose to remain a member of the Commonwealth upon attaining independence. On 1st July, 1960 it was proclaimed a republic and Kwame Nkrumah was installed as President. The name Ghana was adopted after the medieval Ghana Empire of West Africa, which was also famed for its wealth and trade in gold.


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