Ghana Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, 7 December 2012

image of Ghana Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, 7 December 2012
The Report of the Commonwealth Observer Group for the Ghana Presidential and Parliamentary elections, held 7 December 2012. The Group was led by HE Dr Pakalitha Mosisili, MP, former Prime Minister of Lesotho, and comprised thirteen eminent persons in total.

The Group found that the elections were credible and highlighted the role of the Electoral Commission. It offered a series of recommendations to help improve some technical aspects of the process and also the environment in which elections occur.



Conclusions and Recommendations

The 7 December 2012 elections were Ghana’s 6th elections since the restoration of multi- party democracy in Ghana. The elections were contested by eight presidential candidates from seven political parties and over 1,300 parliamentary candidates, illustrating that freedom of association is provided for, and that the elections were competitive. The campaign was highly active and generally peaceful, though characterised by a vigorous competition between the two leading parties. The various calls for peace, including the Kumasi Declaration involving all Presidential candidates, were helpful and are to be commended. However, some incidents and localised tensions involving party supporters were reported.


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