Fighting Corruption, Promoting Good Governance

image of Fighting Corruption, Promoting Good Governance

This publication presents a framework for Commonwealth Principles on Promoting Good Governance and Combating Corruption. It was endorsed by Heads of Government at their Summit in Durban in 1999 as the basis for pursuing concerted strategies based on ‘zero tolerance’ for all types of corruption at national and global levels. This publication includes the full report of the Expert Group. It examines the nature of corruption and its different dimensions as well as appropriate responses to the problems it poses. The book proposes actions at national and international levels which the Group sees as being necessary if countries are to successfully combat corruption and promote good governance.



Note by the Commonwealth Secretariat on Existing Multilateral Conventions on Corruption

This Note reviews the various existing conventions on corruption to which Commonwealth countries may become party. It also discusses the possible ways in which the Commonwealth could adopt its own instrument on the subject.


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