Developing Human Rights Jurisprudence

Sixth Judicial Colloquium on the Domestic Application of International Human Rights Norms: Bloemfontein, South Africa, 3–5 September 1993

image of Developing Human Rights Jurisprudence

One of an eightvolume series recording the development of international jurisprudence in human rights issues and, in particular, the domestic application of international human rights norms.



Racial Discrimination and Freedom of Expression in the United States

There are lessons to be learned from the American experiment with inserting democratic values into the nation's institutions. Even with imperfections and errors, human rights and individual liberties have been advanced as a result of guarantees built into the Bill of Rights. The thrust of this paper is to assess that part of the American experiment that deals with efforts to end racial discrimination through the use of guarantees in the Bill of Rights.


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