Developing Human Rights Jurisprudence

Sixth Judicial Colloquium on the Domestic Application of International Human Rights Norms: Bloemfontein, South Africa, 3–5 September 1993

image of Developing Human Rights Jurisprudence

One of an eightvolume series recording the development of international jurisprudence in human rights issues and, in particular, the domestic application of international human rights norms.



Freedom of Expression in Canada

Any discussion of this topic should start with our basic constitutional document - the British North America Act of 1867, now entitled the Constitution Act 1867. As mentioned in my accompanying paper on Equality Rights, the Constitution Act 1867 did not include a Bill of Rights with provisions for individual human rights protection, but rather such group rights as those of language, s. 133, and of separate (originally confessional) schools, s. 93.


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