Developing Human Rights Jurisprudence

Eighth Judicial Colloquium on the Domestic Application of International Human Rights Norms: Bangalore, India, 27–30 December 1998

image of Developing Human Rights Jurisprudence

This volume contains the papers presented at the Eighth Judicial Colloquium of the Domestic Application of International Human Rights, held in Bangalore, India on 2730th December 1998. This meeting marked the culmination of a series of colloquia started a decade earlier. Participants at the Colloquium were drawn primarily from among senior judges of the higher courts of several South Asian countries Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and from other Commonwealth countries Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. Several lawyers from the Commonwealth were also involved in the discussions. As with previous colloquia, this meeting focused on the subject of the domestic application of international human rights norms, and the extent to which these interrelate with national standards for human rights protection.



Equality, Poverty and Social Exclusion: Challenges for Human Rights Protection - The Indian Experience

As we near the end of this century and look back to assess the working of the judicial system, the outstanding achievement appears to be its opening to the underprivileged, making it possible for the poor or for discriminated groups in society to move the court for redressai of wrongs. This development can be attributed in a large measure to the universal recognition in this century of certain basic human rights. The utter devastation of two world wars compelled the nations of the world to declare that certain rights were basic and inviolable for every human being.


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