Current Good Practices and New Developments in Public Sector Service Management

image of Current Good Practices and New Developments in Public Sector Service Management

This is an update to the 1996 portfolio and continues to provide a framework for building and sustaining effective public service organisations, based on current good practice and the wide experience of senior public sector managers throughout the Commonwealth. The second edition contains much of the original material, now updated together with several new sections. The Portfolio update is designed to be used as a companion resource to the Public Service Country Profiles which. Together the documents can be used as a basis for benchmarking to compare activities and best practice across different national settings.




This update to the 1996 Commonwealth Portfolio is intended to serve as a guide to good managerial and organisational design practices in areas of topical concern to senior public service officials and politicians in the Commonwealth. It is hoped that the material reflects current thinking and developments in public sector management and administration, and in the delivery of services to citizens. The Portfolio is based on the assumption that sharing experiences within a framework of similar values in Commonwealth countries is an important contribution to continuous improvement and learning in public service development. The format is designed to provide practitioners rather than external experts with the ability to drive the debate on good practices in public service management


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