Compendium of Election Laws, Practices and Cases of Selected Commonwealth Countries

Volume 1, Part 1

image of Compendium of Election Laws, Practices and Cases of Selected Commonwealth Countries

The first volume presents the constitutional provisions and election laws of a number of selected Commonwealth countries in a user-friendly way, aiming to stimulate wider discussions about the available options. In order to make comparative analyses easier, wherever possible each legislative scheme is presented in a common format, highlighting those features which are considered to be a part of the essential framework of that scheme. This compendium is not a mere collection of election laws. The form of the presentation of each legislative scheme (which at times takes account of procedures and practice guidelines) focuses on the organisation and conduct of elections for the National Assembly (by whatever name called in the country concerned). In a few cases presidential elections and elections to the Upper House are presented where the procedures therefore are considered appropriate for noting.




The Constitution of Mauritius provides that each constituency shall return three members to the Legislative Assembly (except Rodrigues, which shall return two members). Every member returned by a constituency must be directly elected at a general or by-election. In order to ensure a fair and adequate representation of each community, eight additional seats in the Assembly are provided for, which are allocated to persons belonging to parties who have stood as candidates for election as members at the general election but have not been returned as members to represent constituencies.


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