Breaking The Digital Divide

Implications For Developing Countries

image of Breaking The Digital Divide
This book presents the results of an extensive study of the digital divide, the growth of the internet, online education, health informatics, the net and the economy, regulation of the internet and much more. It is well researched, informative and authoritative. Individuals, organisations and governments with a specialist interest in the transition to an information society and/or knowledge economy will find this book timely.

Published with SFI Publishing.



Growth of the Internet

The massive presence of the Internet in the Developing Countries have potentials for improving the human condition in these countries as, for example, it would make it easy to have access to basic information and it would also make the co-ordination of humanitarian assistance in the wake of natural disasters more efficient. There are two kinds of basic information that must be held into consideration when considerating benefits (real or potential) in relation to Developing Countries.


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