A Profile of the Public Service of the UK

image of A Profile of the Public Service of the UK
Commonwealth member governments have been taking part in a unique mapping exercise, identifying the actual changes which have been made in some key areas of public service management. The Public Country Profile Series sets out the results of the mapping exercise, country by country, to provide an unprecedented insight into the real managerial and structural changes under way in the public service.

In providing some firm ground on which those public servants, both elected and appointed, who are faced with the challenge of public service reform can stand while assessing the options available, the Public Country Profile Series marks a milestone in the debate concerning the management of the public service.



Improving Partnerships with Organisations/Agencies Outside Central Government

There have been suggestions that the provision of policy advice in the U.K. should be put on the same customer/contractor basis that now applies to service delivery through Next Steps Agencies. The Treasury and Civil Service Committee of the House of Commons recently examined this topic and heard suggestions from some quarters that senior officials should be employed on fixed-term contracts, with a clear remit related to producing answers on policy issues.


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