A Profile of the Public Service of Singapore

Current Good Practices and New Developments in Public Service Management

image of A Profile of the Public Service of Singapore

Public sector reform has moved on apace since the first of the Commonwealth Public Service Country Profile Series was launched in 1995 when the principles of New Public Management (NPM) were in an early stage of adoption. Since then, the various civil services described in the series have undergone radical change in scope, organisation and approach rendering a revision timely. Now up dated and completely revised, these reissued Country Profiles continue to be an accessible and valuable source of reference which attempt to both describe and analyse the often tumultuous and controversial public sector reforms which have taken place in contributing countries since 1995. Practising bureaucrats diplomats political and academic audiences will find these new books invaluable in benchmarking best practice in public sector reform across Commonwealth member countries.



Making the Most of Staff

Singapore is a multi-racial and multi-religious society. It believes firmly in the principle and practice of meritocracy, be it in the progression of students in schools or in selection of the best candidate for the jobsno affirmative action, whether by race, religion, gender or any other basis. This is the best way to assure that due recognition is given to deserving people and that we deploy our limited resource in the best way possible for effective governance of the country.


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