A Guide to International Drugs Conventions

image of A Guide to International Drugs Conventions

Explanatory materials for the preparation of legislation in the implementation of the major international drugs conventions.



An Overview of The Conventions and Agreements Concluded During The League of Nations Period

Recently, the thirty-third World Health Assembly adopted a resolution on “Action in respect of International Co-operation on Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances”, and it affirmed that drug abuse was still rampant in many parts of the world. More recently, through its programme of ‘Health for All by the Year 2000’ the World Health Organisation requested its Member States to give serious consideration to the question of drug abuse and develop their national strategies. In its resolution WHA.33.27, the World Health Assembly requested the Director-General of the World Health Organisation “to promote the initiation and strengthening of national and international programmes for the assessment, scheduling, control and appropriate use of narcotic and psychotropic substances, including those of plant origin, and to support such programmes by the development of appropriate guidelines in consultation with the U.N. Division of Narcotic Drugs, International Narcotics Control Board and other U.N. Organs concerned.”


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