1996 Meeting of Commonwealth Law Ministers and Senior Officials

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 15–19 April 1996

image of 1996 Meeting of Commonwealth Law Ministers and Senior Officials

Memoranda of meeting of Commonwealth Law Ministers and Senior Officials held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 15-19 April 1996.



International Co-operation to Combat Crime in the 21st Century

The Role of the Commonwealth in Determining a Balance between Individual Rights and Global Interests

The search for the appropriate balance between peoples' desire for individual freedom and their need for social cohesion, responsibility and the minimum order which enables freedom to be enjoyed is not new. However, since the end of the relatively static era of the Cold War, there has been a heightened demand for political and economic freedom for individual actors, both human and corporate, that has coincided with a re-ordering of state power, and the combination has given a fresh urgency to the search for that balance which is being undertaken in a much more complex, contradictory and unstable environment. The unrestrained assertion of individual and corporate interests which is often associated with modem technology, and an open-ended morality has exposed people to previously unimagined forms of environmental and ecological dangers, to terrorism, to the potential, or actual, massive economic and social instability associated with new forms on a magnified scale of anti-social behaviour, such as money laundering or drug trafficking, or more simply, to the perils of abuses of the free market.


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