Strengthening Disaster Resilience in Small States

Commonwealth Perspectives

image of Strengthening Disaster Resilience in Small States
Strengthening Disaster Resilience in Small States: Commonwealth Perspectives offers timely and expert analysis of differentiated exposure of small states to natural disasters, including an examination of specific interventions for strengthening small states' resilience to this phenomenon.

This book explores cutting-edge disaster risk reduction techniques useful for informing small states' economic and disaster risk management policies, with the aim of collating and sharing important lessons with member governments, and galvanising international efforts for reducing the impact of natural disasters.

This volume highlights transformative perspectives drawn from expert discussions and analyses of a select number of topics, including, environmental governance; information and communication technologies (ICT), capacity-building, gender and blockchain. The book also provides a ready and accessible resource for policy makers in small states, experts, academia, private sector, civil society as well as the general public.



ICT for Disaster Management and Emergency Telecoms – Preparation, Migration and Recovery for the Island of Mauritius

Information and communications technology (ICT) is used in almost all phases of the disaster management process. In the disaster mitigation and preparedness process, ICT is widely used to create early warning systems. In the immediate aftermath of a crisis, special software packages built for the purpose can be used for activities such as registering missing persons, administrating online requests and keeping track of relief organisations or camps of displaced persons. In addition, geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing software/hardware are used effectively in all phases of disaster management. A spatial data infrastructure – a prototype web-based system that facilitates spatial data collection, access, dissemination and usage for proper disaster managemen This chapter discusses the adoption of ICT for disaster management and emergency telecoms in the Republic of Mauritius.


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