Visual Perception

A Review of Literature Relating to Studies Relevant to the Development of Teaching Materials in the Commonwealth

image of Visual Perception




This review of researches and studies of visual perception in relation to teaching and learning in Commonwealth countries was originally undertaken by Mr. Edward Clunies-Ross, who unfortunately had to relinquish the task at an early stage on account of ill-health. Mrs. Helen Coppen took over the work and has provided this collated study which shows not only what has been done, but how much there is still to do before we can, with confidence, exploit visual means of teaching in situations where the culture of the people is considerably different from that of the Western technological societies. At the same time it does provide guidance on the design of visual materials and identifies clearly certain considerations which should be observed by those who use diagrams, pictures, charts, photographs and films to teach both young and old in non-Western cultures.


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