Using Museums to Popularise Science and Technology

image of Using Museums to Popularise Science and Technology

Museums of all sorts and science centres offer excellent opportunities in popularising science and technology to achieve scientific and technological literacy. Science and technology educators and teachers will particularly find this book useful in determining how they could use those facilities effectively in making teaching science and technology enjoyable and contextual. The museum curators and science centres on the other hand will be able to use the book to assist teachers in their efforts to bring relevance and fun in the learning of these subjects.



Visiting a Science Centre or Museum? Make it a REAL Educational Experience!

People visit science centres, museums, zoos, botanical gardens and aquaria for many reasons. When teachers take their class for a visit, there is usually an educational reason, if only so that the visit can obtain the official stamp of approval! But it takes time and effort to organise the visit, so how can teachers be sure the visit is worth the effort? In the following, we present some guidelines we have distilled from an extensive review of research evidence. Most of the guidelines are common sense, but it is surprising how few teachers seem to realise that they really do make a difference.


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