Towards a Commonwealth of Scholars

A New Vision for the Nineties

image of Towards a Commonwealth of Scholars
Within the universities of the Commonwealth there has always been a sense of a common educational and research tradition.

A workshop was held in Singapore in April 1992 to outline the strategies and mechanisms for developing, maintaining and expanding student flows into the universities and polytechnics of the Commonwealth South and for the extension of South-South exchange. Material from the Singapore papers is here brought together in a readable form, providing:

• An historical background to the new initiatives

• A thorough analysis of the major policy issues

• A set of case studies



Towards a Commonwealth of Scholars

Developing Foreign Student Flows into Universities of the South

It is possible to see universities as components of a trans-national system or as autonomous partner institutions in a complex of international exchanges and relationships; but it is impossible to imagine even the smallest and most fragile university existing for long as a university without a library of work by scholars from a variety of countries and without at least some teachers and researchers who are in some form of communication with counterparts elsewhere.


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